Charlotte · George

Charlotte’s First Offical Photo

On the 16 of May 2015, Kate took pictures of George and Charlotte29679E5100000578-3113786-Close_bond_Little_Prince_George_looks_thrilled_to_be_left_in_cha-a-2_1433629316669 in their Anmer Hall House. Although these photos were not released until the 6 of June. In the photos Charlotte can be seen smiling at George and George can also be seen giving his sister a kiss29679E3500000578-3113786-Brotherly_love_Prince_George_tenderly_places_a_kiss_on_the_head_-a-5_1433629316686. Like George’s first photos, Kate and William decide to break with royal tradition and take the Photos themselves instead of Having a professional photographer take the photos. Unlike Kate’s fathers photo, These did not meet with criticism but Kate was praised for these photos.

On to what they wore

First Charlotte

She wore her Irulea Princess Charlotte Set, This set was bought by George and Charlotte’s nanny Maria’s mother, Who lives in Spain. It retails for €233.compo_carlota_original

Now George

He wore his

He also wore his trusty Amaia Blue France Socks, Which retails for £7 d12c885d-2fb0-4b2c-8b45-1838aa233352Girls-Buckle-Jo-Blue-1008_9a_2

He wore another trusty piece, His Start Rite Shoes Jo-Navy Leather Buckle Shoes, They retail for £37.

He also wore his Rachel Riley Cord Short and Shirt . It retails for £594078


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