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Tropping the Colour 2015

On the 13 of June 2015, Kate, William and George attended Trooping the Colouruntitled, The Queens official birthday although George only attended the balcony part,2996835B00000578-3122591-image-a-189_1434198484765 He sure made a big impact when he was spotted in the window of Buckingham Palacegeorge-1--z with his nanny Maria. This was George’s first Trooping the Colour. While Kate travelled in a Carriage2995F9E100000578-3122591-image-a-49_1434190362417 to Horse Guards, William rode in the parade with his father, Prince Charles and His aunt, Princess Anne.29960C1900000578-3122591-image-a-106_1434193353187

Now on to what they wore

First George

In the window he wore

His Trotters Alfie CardiganS5KT_ALFIE_NV1_1_. This retails for £37                32e81200417acea354bd8ebf317b805277381ee7-98534

He also wore his Mayoral Boys Navy Blue Shorts & Belt Set . It did retail for £26 but is now sold out.

On the balcony he wore

Some think it was Williams outfit but I think it was defiantly wore but his granddad Prince Charles first. Just take a look at three of them wearing the outfit untitled

He also wore his Cherry Blossom Blue patent Leather T-Bar Shoes. George’s shoes are blue Leather ut the one’s in the link are White Leather. They retail for £38.99untitled

Now on to Kate

She wore Catherine Walker AstridAstrid-Coatdress-detail                        marisabel_coffee_1

She also wore Lock Hatters&Co Marisabel. Kate’s one was in a custom white while the photo and the link is a brown one.


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