Charlotte · George · Nanny Maria

George and Charlotte on a walk

In early November 2015, A picture of George and Charlotte out for a walk with Nanny Maria, surfaced on the internet. 13a019474456ba472b5d0c233a61e2fbGeorge looks ever the bodyguard for  Charlotte. It looks like Charlotte wants to make an appearance as well, As I think I see a hand pointing up for the pram. For some people the pram should look like something you’ve seen before, as this is another thing Charlotte has got for George. The pram is the Silvercross Sleepover. untitled

We can’t see what Charlotte wore so I’m just going to talk about George today

What George wore

We are not fully sure but because of the second image, We feel that George was wearing Mayoral Blue velvet cord trousers  mayoral-blue-velvet-cord-trousers-112572-3ad88922a3cd6f7e6b9246952744123241237ec6. These retail for £21.

We can’t fully see his jacket but he may be wearing Steiff Navy Reversible Gilet steiff-navy-blue-down-padded-reversible-gilet-108558-a132ad9e85c98b33cc92040cf9fdae1dd4eb87ee                                             untitled

We can clearly see he is wearing his Aigle Boots Baby Flac-Navy. This sells for $59.


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