Dinner & Interview

On the 1 of December 2015, Kate-Middleton-1.jpgKate, along with Mother Carole and sister Pippa. In one photo Carole appears to leaning into a guy in one photo, could James have gone to this family event. To the surprise of other diners, they enjoyed dinner at Clos Maggiore. Stewart also had crr1.jpgdinner there the same night. Kate wore a white top for this event. One customer described this restaurant  as “the most festive restaurant in London.

William gave an interviewarticle-P-f155dda2-b560-404c-bfb8-16d03f5ba604-4dF1dNQp6Ya3504270ed2fbd6d9e-946_634x356.jpg recently to the Big Issue. In it he talked about how George had recently figured out what Christmas was all about. He also talked about his mother Diana and how she helped influence him into becoming patron of Centrepoint.

The Christmas issue with Williams interview is out now. article-P-f155dda2-b560-404c-bfb8-16d03f5ba604-cu6rthdRwa5e75a04f6c504f130-563_634x356.jpg


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