Charlotte · George · Kate · William

Ski Holiday

blank On the 7 Of March 2016, Kensington Palace released photos of The Cambridge’s family holiday31F3723400000578-3480131-image-m-33_1457345545042.jpg. Considering Kate and William decided not to go on the Mustique holiday this year, It was thought that maybe they would take George and Charlotte skiing. Skiing seems to a favourite holiday for Kate and William, It was one of the first holidays took together200403-skiing.jpg and then, they took one just a few months before George’s birthimagesHRBJOXTK. The couple flew to France  on the 2 of March and the photos taken on their first day show George and Charlottes first time in the snow. The couple spent their time in the French alps and in one of the photos show a long awaited photo of William holding Charlotte31F371B900000578-3480131-image-a-10_1457345079322.jpg. The photos also show Charlotte’s new two teeth. 31F371B900000578-3480131-image-a-10_1457345079322 (2).jpgWe also got some lovely new photos of Kate and William, one shows31F3734600000578-3480131-Romantic_stroll_Kate_and_William_are_excellent_skiers_but_haven_-m-53_1457353128669.jpg Kate and William having  snowball fight31F372B400000578-3480131-image-a-19_1457345182498, while another shows William trying to dance with Kate in the snow.31F3711400000578-3480131-image-m-18_1457345174508.jpg

What they wore


Charlotte’s snowsuit is John Lewis Baby Wadded Snowsuit, this retails for £28000399473Her hat 48710-fairisle-hat-ballet_3 (2).jpgis CASHMERE FAIR ISLE BABY HAT, this retails for £33                 French-Alps-Family-Photos-Skiing-Charlotte-Emu-Australia-Bootie-Boots-Product-and-Feet-March-7-2016- (2)Her shoes are Emu Australia Platinum Baby Booties in pink, these retail for $50


His snowsuit Prince-George-French-Alps-Ski-Snow-Vacation-Cambridge-Family-Photos-March-2016-Mountain-Warehouse-Cloud-all-in-one-Snowsuit-navy-March-7-2016is Mountain Warehouse Cloud All In One, This retails for $37.99

His boots are Manbi Boing Snow Boot, these retail for £22 f45e28_14e2a5df50814e22bc68c27bb0c3d530

His gloves are Barts Kids Nylon Mitts, thses are curreny on sale for £7.99f45e28_d0a47a843b014440991d5eb8d5202c91


Kate’s earrings are her Kiki Grace

Her jacket is E & O Ski Wear, Unfortunately this jacket is now sold out considering Kate first debuted the Jacket in 2008

Her shoes are Caribou Boot, these retail for $150Screen-Shot-2016-03-07-at-10_03_41-AM-wpcf_500x405.png

Her hat is Alwin Navy Pompon Hat by Eisbar Austrian Ski, DSC_0006.jpgthis retails for $59.99


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