St. Patricks Day

On the 17 of March 2016, William32488F8400000578-3496908-image-a-92_1458219263157.jpg presented shamrocks to the Irish Guards, breaking a 115 year old tradition of royal women presenting shamrocks324A40DC00000578-3496908-image-a-5_1458225690213.jpg. Kate stayed at home with George and Charlotte. William Colonel of the 1st Battalion Irish Guards, handed out over 600 shamrocks32488E9900000578-3496908-The_Duke_also_presented_a_sprig_to_the_regiment_s_mascot_a_four_-m-140_1458224039552.jpg to the guards( Although he only had to hand out baskets of shamrocks, to warrant officers)3248520500000578-3496908-image-a-115_1458219569981.jpg . The Irish Guards were set up by Queen Victoria. Before the parade, William attended a private Ceremony for Major Harry Shapland, who was killed in Iraq in 1994. William presented Major Shapland’s  mother with the Elizabeth Cross and Memorial Scroll. 324A3FAA00000578-3496908-image-m-147_1458224431841.jpg





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