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Queens 90th Birthday Stamp

On the 20 of April 2016, A new stamp was publisheduntitled1.png to celebrate the Queens 90 Birthday. The stamp which features untitled.pngThe Queen, Prince Charles, William and George, was photographed at Buckingham Palace, by  Ranald Mackechnie. When asked about the photo the photographer had to say

It was an amazingly relaxing and light-hearted sitting. They were comfortable with one another and behaved like any family with their conversation and jokes. It was much more relaxed than when I’ve tried to take pictures with my family.

The joy and energy coming out of George was fantastic. It lifted the whole shot and lifted the afternoon. He was on top form. He was quite fascinated by the lights. He took it all in his stride.

What George wore

George rewore what he was photographed wearing in Charlotte’s first photos.

He also wore his trusty Amaia Blue France Socks, Which retails for £7 d12c885d-2fb0-4b2c-8b45-1838aa233352Girls-Buckle-Jo-Blue-1008_9a_2

He wore another trusty piece, His Start Rite Shoes Jo-Navy Leather Buckle Shoes, They retail for £37.

He also wore his Rachel Riley Cord Short and Shirt . It retails for £594078









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