Charlotte · George · Queen

Queens photo for 90th Birthday with Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren

On the 21st of April 2016, A series of photos were published to celebrate the Queens 90th Birthday. One which was taken on Easter Monday in the White drawing room in Windsor castle, untitled.pngIncludes James and Louise, The queens youngest grandchildren, son and daughter of the Earl and Countess of Wessex. The Queens great grandchildren are Mia Tindal, daughter of Zara and Mike Tindall(holding the QueensQueen-90-Photo-Portrait-Annie-Leibovitz-Mia-Tindall-Queens-handbag-April-20-2016-.jpg bag), Savannah( behind George and charlotte) and Isla Philips(beside George), daughters of peter and Autumn Philips and George and Charlotte. These photos were taken by Annie Leibovitz . Charlotte, is kept amused by a top horse in her hands. Queen-90-Leibovitz-Photo-Portrait-George-Charlotte-April-20-2016.jpg

What George Wore

His cardigan is Fina Ejerique-Baby boy wool blend knitted cardigan , 2200009380037%20copy-500x500this retailed for £36, although George affect seems to have hit this cardigan as you are asked to enquire about the cardigan.

George is also wearing Neck and Neck-Little Boys Shorts, f45e28_8b0bc250f813445eb69534b2cde67da8.jpgthese retail for $45.99.

George is also wearing Neck and Neck- RED BOY PIPED BAIONA SHIRT, this retails for £14.40f45e28_e88974fac8864f74aa75b83359ae56afHe also wore his trusty Amaia Blue France Socks, Which retails for £7 d12c885d-2fb0-4b2c-8b45-1838aa233352

He wore another trusty piece, His Girls-Buckle-Jo-Blue-1008_9a_2Start Rite Shoes Jo-Navy Leather Buckle Shoes, They retail for £37.

What Charlotte Wore

Charlotte wore her Dusty Pink Tights sold by Amaiae3c048e8-1584-4b75-83b0-8940d690c181 for £11 but the tights are by Condor.

Charlotte also has on her Early Days-Emma, these retail for £29 early-days-girls-white-leather-emma-pre-walker-shoes-68488-20cafca2f64f291c7dd393836c03bb8925469d3c.jpgCharlotte’s bow is thought to be Amaia-Dusky Pink Bow, this retails for £2.50small-dusky-pink-front.jpg

Charlotte’s dress is by M & H, CgpsaXfWgAAai2U.jpgthis was from a previous winter collection.

Finally Charlotte’s Cardigan is also by M & H, f45e28_f412f5b6bac841d7bd5c1667b689f39e.png


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