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Queens Birthday Party & Dinner with the Obamas

On the 21st of April 2016,  Kate and William, along with Harry left Kensington Palace to attended the Queens 90th birthday party at Windsor Castle.kate middleton queen 90th brithday.jpg

On the 22 of April, Kate, William and Harry CgqsBA0XEAEIvvN.jpghosted the Obamas at Kensington Palace. This is the first look we have gotten of Apartment 1A. CgqmHbmWgAE0BrlThe president and his wife arrived at Kensington Palace at 7:15pm. George, who stayed up an extra 15 minutes got to meet the President and Michelle.CgrAMjVW4AA2yYA.jpg George had been waiting in the hallway CgrOh2nUoAAJNMi.jpgand then thanked Obama Cgq_o4oW4AAw_LT.jpgfor the rocking horseCgq_YtLXEAAAXR6.jpg he gave George for his birth. The rocking horse is made from a tree that stood on the white house lawn.Cgr2inmW0AQlalJ.jpgCharlotte had been fast asleep by then. After George had gone to bed, Kate, William, Harry, the President and Michelle, got down to adult chat. WilliamCgqvKvNWgAAtK8T.jpg talking to the president with brother Harry sitting beside me talking to Michelle with Kate. This was the fist time, CgqvKvVWkAAEmBi.jpgKate got to meet wither of the Obamas but William has met the president before in 2014 and Harry has met both before.

What Kate Wore

Kate’s dress is by LK Bennett Addison, this retails for £325Kate-Obama-Dinner-LK-Bennett-Addison-.jpg

Kate also wore her Malory shoes by Rupert SandersonScreen-Shot-2016-04-06-at-5_22_04-PM

What George Wore

George wore his 1st years-Gingham Robe,f45e28_0083695886df456ab1d143bb91c7d135.jpg this retails for £27 but if anyone wants it you’ll have to wait as the company is only taking pre orders now.

George’s pyjamas are by Little White Company, f45e28_c988bb855dd448738cea99e4cd4a29d2these are currently sold out.

George also has another toy that Obama sent him around Charlotte’s birth. The TY Classic Bo teddy, this retails for $38.99f45e28_742b3312b2f9449b9e008daabaca4825.jpg

George’s slippers are Trotters-Little boston Palne Slippers, these are cureently out of stock but did retail for £18a5sl_bosto_nv1_1_1.jpg


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