Hampton Court & Spencer House

On the 4th of May 2016, Kate kate middleton cambridge hampton court.jpgstarted out her day in Hampton Court. hampton court.jpgHere she opened a new children’s play area called The Magic Garden.kate middleton duchess of cambridge hampton court magic garden.jpg At this event,

Kate told one childkate at the magic garden hampton court.jpg, that the family have added a new member, A pet hamster called Marvin. Apparently Charlotte loves Marvin because his whiskers tickle her face. After this, Kate visited Spencer House untitled.pngfor a luncheon. Spencer House is currently owned by The Earl Spencer, Who is currently Charles Spencer, Williams uncle from his mothers side. This was Kate’s first event as Patron of the ChnS5ksW0AQj-os.jpgFreud Centre.

What Kate Wore

Kate recycled a coat, images71N5YKS4.jpgwe saw before o the Aus/NZ Tour in 2014, Kate wore her Michael Kors coat.

Under the coat, Kate wore another piece we had seen before the untitled.pngRoksanda Ilincic peridot dress

Kate wore her Fern pumps Kate-Bhutan-Nude-Heels-Afternoon-Events-Purple-Kira-Comparison-LK-Bennett-Fern-April-14-2016-by LK Bennet



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