Harry · William


On the 28th of May 2016, William, along with brother 34B872D100000578-3614250-image-a-23_1464453908000.jpgHarry, took part in one of the first Audi Polo Challenge’s in Coworth Park Polo Club in Berkshire.34B8168200000578-3614250-image-a-5_1464453777862.jpg Before the match, William made sure to be fully stretched out34B80EB800000578-3614250-Hard_work_The_Prince_strains_his_face_as_he_puts_his_body_into_a-m-38_1464454622601.jpg but also cracking a smile with his team.34B813D400000578-3614250-image-a-4_1464453771171The team without Harry in the end went on to win the game.



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