Harry · Kate · Prince Philip · Queen · William

Patrons Lunch

On the 12th of June 2016, Kate352DEB5300000578-3637422-image-a-140_1465737625369.jpg, along with William 352DE22700000578-3637422-image-m-139_1465737602523.jpgand Harry 352E625300000578-3637422-image-a-103_1465755725918.jpgattended the Patrons Lunch on the Mall outside Buckingham Palace. William and Harry were made co-presidents of the Patrons Lunch, by the cousin Peter Philips, seeing as they will take over many the Queens 600 patronages and presidency. The day started off with a unwanted or uninvited  visitor to the mall but the 10,000 352E753F00000578-3637422-image-a-26_1465745740552.jpgwho had gathered on the mall, to enjoy the parade and lunch didn’t leave bother them. Thankfully the rain cleared off and the royals emerged from Buckingham Palace. Kate, William and Harry took one car down all the mall, Kate-Middleton-9_png.jpgas all royals wear covering a different patch. The Wessex’ also took another car, this was Louise’s fist solo walkabout but her brother missed the event due to a friend birthday party. AnneKate-Middleton-3_png.jpg and her husband Timothy Laurence, took the final car. The York’s decided to walk from Buckingham Palace352DF00900000578-3637422-image-a-184_1465740607383.jpg to the Mall. The Cambridge’s a with Harry made their way down to the stage at the end of the Mall, where the Queen arrived to from Buckingham Palace. 352E235C00000578-3637422-image-a-195_1465740951670On the stage, William gave a speech, then called his grandmother to give a speech. After this the Queen and Prince Philip made their way to352E56E200000578-3637422-image-a-98_1465755660574.jpg a covered seating area in a custom range rover. Kate, William and Harry also made their way up to the satin area in a custom range rover.  All five of the royals joined other royals,352EF00600000578-3637422-image-a-213_1465759102123.jpg who watched a parade starting from the 50’s and 352EEF7600000578-3637422-image-a-199_1465758471935.jpggoing the whole way to now.

What Kate wore

Kate wore new dress, the Marwood from Roksanda, 1.pngIt originally sold for $980 but was on sale for £490 but is currently sold out.

Kate’s accessorizes were her Nina Clutchuntitled and Fern pumpsKate-Bhutan-Nude-Heels-Afternoon-Events-Purple-Kira-Comparison-LK-Bennett-Fern-April-14-2016- from LK Bennett.

Kate also wore her Mapping an Webb Empress Necklace12142131_1_460

She also had on the earrings from the set12152284_1_460


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