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Tropping the Colour

On the 11th of June, The whole Cambridge Family joined the Queen and other members of the family, to celebrate her official and Prince Philips birthdays. The day started off with Kate, Camilla35266AE800000578-3636413-image-a-2_1465638480871.jpg and Harry taken to Horse Guards35267E1000000578-3636413-Prince_Harry_waves_to_crowds-a-37_1465639808251.jpg Parade in a Carriage procession. The second carriage, carried the 3526701700000578-3636413-image-a-24_1465639228725.jpgYork’s, Beatrice, Eugenie and Andrew. The Wessex’s came next35266E5C00000578-3636413-image-a-26_1465639233481, with Edward, Sophie, Louise and James. Then, 352674F900000578-3636413-image-a-14_1465639001709.jpgThe Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh. William: Colonel of the Irish Guards , along with his father, Prince Charles: Colonel 3526709F00000578-3636413-image-m-44_1465640052603.jpgof the Welsh Guards and His Aunt, Anne: Colonel of the Blues and Royals, followed the Queens Carriage. At horse guards parade, flag of Number 7 Company Coldstream Guards was the colour being trooped tis year. Around 1,500 officers and 300 horses3526FD6B00000578-3636413-image-a-95_1465645353831.jpg, were on show. After this, the thousands, 352709A200000578-3636413-image-a-168_1465649336388.jpgwho had gathered on the mall, were treated to a flypast3527133500000578-3636413-image-m-142_1465648462528.jpg and balcony sighting of the royal family100380601troopingbalconysmile-xlarge_trans++eo_i_u9APj8RuoebjoAHt0k9u7HhRJvuo-ZLenGRumA.jpg. Charlotte made her first appearance3527F45800000578-3636413-image-a-5_1465659920720.jpg on the balcony and George more interested in the going on of the flypast.

This tradition of the Official Birthday, dates back to King George III in 1748.Because George was born in November, He felt it was too cold to celebrate his birthday with a parade.  He then combined his birthday parade with a yearly military parade, known as trooping the colour. Regiments would display their colours(flags), so soldiers would know each others colours in time of wars. Since George III, all sovereigns can choose their official birthday, if they aren’t bore summer. The date can varies each year. At one stage, at the start of the Queens reign, her official birthday was on a Thursday. Only in more resent years, the birthday has switched to a Saturday.

What they wore


Kate rewore the Alexander McQueen outfit2.jpg, she first debuted at Charlotte’s Christeninguntitled1.png last year.

She wore a new hat by Philip Treacy,  OC-147.jpg

Kate also wore her Mapping an Webb Empress Necklace12142131_1_460.


George wore one of his fathers old outfits, that William had worn to brother Harry’s Christening.f45e28_80ccb8ec471f4cd3a79b7e2d575f6a1a~mv2.jpg


Charlotte’s Shoes are her Early Days EmmaEmma-003-440x314.jpg

Her bow is Amaia-Small Hair Bow – Quartz, small-dusky-pink-frontit retails for £2.50


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