Kate · William

Wimbledon Final & Submarine HMS Artful

On the 10th of July 2016, Kate and William 3621A3A000000578-3683114-image-m-70_1468164651690.jpgattended Wimbledon to watch Andy Murray take3622476900000578-3683114-image-a-92_1468166207025.jpg on Milos Raonic. As usual, Kate and William made many faces36225A4F00000578-3683114-image-a-2_1468167662215.jpg during the match, but not as many as in the past3622123A00000578-3683114-image-a-54_1468164040647.jpg. Murray won, making this his second Wimbledon title.

What Kate Wore

Kate wore Alexander McQueen today,Kate-McQueen-Obsessions-Print-Dress-Wimbledon-July-10-2016-i-Images-.jpg the Obsession-Print Short-Sleeve Silk Dress, IT retails for $2,995.

Kate wore her Brora Gold Charm EarringsIndia-Tour-Earrings-Poll-Brora-Gold-Charm-Spiral-Circles-Wickstead-Yello-Bhutan-Arrival-Tory-Burch-Gown-April-18-2016-.jpg

Kate wore her Ray Ban Sunglasses and Cartier Watch. She carried her Natalie Clutch.

Submarine HMS Artful

On the 5th of July 2016, William visited the Navy’s newest attack submarine HMS ArtfulCnE3b3fXYAA6xPO.jpg in Faslane. William as Commodore-in-Chief Submarines, presented 14 newly qualified submariners with their Dolphins on the submarine.CnE9LT7WIAAfBew.jpg


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