Williams day in Derby & Tusk Awards

On the 30th of November 2016, William officially visited Derby for the day. His day started at Bombardier. A company which manufactures planes & trains. Bombardier are currently supplying trains for the Queen Elizabeth LineCyf3fGHXcAAhHMZ.jpg but William was here to learn about how the company are supporting up to 80 young people with apprenticeships. cygwondxaaa3eipWhile there he also saw how the company manufactures and assembles trains.  William unveiled a plaque to commemorate his visit while there CygbmjjXcAE3TDp.jpgand took a driving lesson in how to drive a train, Which he said George would be jealous.  After this William visited Rolls Royce. Here William got a tour of thecygpquxxgaaaufy Assembly Line and then met with apprentices working with Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce in Derby currently employs over 600 apprentices CygqywUWQAACf7R.jpgand 14000 people from Derby. For me this visit reminds me of Kate and Williams tour of Rolls Royce in Singapore on their jubilee tour 151844080.jpgof the Commonwealth in 2012. Williams final stop in Derby was to Padley Centre, A charity which supports vulnerable people in the community with needs such as Homelessness, Mental health issues, and more.Cyg9ddgXcAE8q3A.jpg While there William took part in an arts & crafts session.

Tusk Awards

On the 30th of  November 2016, William attended the Tusk Awards as patron. William presented a Prince William Award CylfxtKXgAILwDt.jpgfor Conservation in Africa to John Kahekwa and David Attenborough was also presented with a specialCylgGGkXEAETG7k.jpg contribution for services to wildlife award.


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