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Queens Pre Christmas Lunch 2016

630295310_prince-william-prince-george-prince-harry-zoom-d38aa421-bce9-4530-b79c-da972f5748d1.jpgOn the 20th of December 2016, Kate, William, George and Charlotte attended the Queens Pre Christmas Lunch in Buckingham Palace. The Cambridge’s along with Prince Harry drove to Buckingham Palace from Kensington Palace. PA-Royals-Lunch-05-jrl-161220_12x5_1600.jpgThe Lunch usually lasts two hours and is a way for the Queen to see her extended family before Christmas, considering only immediate family go to Sandringham for Christmas Day. This is the sixth year that Kate has attended and the first year all four of the Cambridge’s have attended (William was away last year at a Memorial).

What They Wore

Unfortunately no Clearer images have been posted, so I Can’t Tell want Kate is wearing and Also photographers were only able to get the sides of Charlotte’s head in a photo.


George wore a new coat, An Amaia Kids, Redwink Style Jacket,redwink_blue_front_1200x1200_2_ Which is currently sold out. It did retail for £90

George wore his Neck and Neck top, theGeorge-Kids-Party-Neck-Neck-Checked-Shirt-Product-2-shot-sept-29-2016.jpg Wine Checked Boys Shirt, It retails for $49.99


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