EACH Hospice in Quidenham

On the 24th of January 2017, Kate as patron of EACH, visited an EACH Hospice in Quidenham in Norfolk. The Hospice currently cares for 131 Children and young people, and 215 Family members.C28HQSsWEAA92Xf.jpg While there she met with Children, Family and carers. Kate got down to the children’s levelC28HQMsXgAA25uY.jpg to talk to them. She visitedd the Sensory Room andC28KPsTXEAACATU.jpg an art therapy session.  While there, Kate was updated on the nook appeal, which she helped launch while pregnant with Charlotte in 2014 and attended a dinner for back in June of 2016. Currently now, C28KVEuXUAERDcy.jpgThe Hospice cannot help any more children or Family members, with their current building and the nook appeal will help build a new building.

What Kate Wore

Kate wore Hobbs, The Sinead Jacketkate-green-hobbs-suit1 and Skirtkate green hobbs suit.jpg, They are currently sold out. But he Jacket did sell for £109 and the Skirt sold for £65

She wore a Gerard Darel Blouse, The Josephine in beige silk, kate-blouse-each-quidenham-product-shots-gerard-darel-josephine-jan-24-2017It was originally on sale for £175 but was currently on sale for £109

She also wore her Gianvito Rossi, Black Suede pumps, Kiki Pink Morganite earrings and carried her mulberry Bayswater clutch.

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