Kate · William

The BAFTA’s 2017

On the 12th of February 2017, Kate and William, as president attended the BAFTA awards in the Royal Albert Hall.C4fYsUFXAAcq9ad.jpg William has been president since 2010. This was Kate’s debut at this event but she did attend the BAFTA Brits to watch gala inBAFTA-brits-to-watch-580x422.jpg Los Angeles in 2011 with William. They have also supported other events during the years. Kate and William were met by CEO of BAFTA, Amanda Berry. Kate and William, who walked the red carpet smiling and enjoying themselves, took their seats in the front row,hisnintchdbpict000301257084.jpg not the royal box. This I think was mainly down to William presenting an award. When They both arrived inside the hall, all stars were on their feet clapping. William presented the Fellowship award,btf This is one of the biggest awards presented on the night.

What Kate Wore

Kate wore Alexander McQueen, A customized version of a 2016 resort dress, The Tired Violet Jacquard dress, Which retails for £6000.kate-middleton-mcqueen-floral-tiered-bafta-dress-wpcf_375x500 Kate had the Straps on top changed to off the shoulder and the she had the corset bodice removed.

Kate wore a pair of earrings,close-up-kate-earrings-wpcf_500x500 we have briefly saw back in 2011

She wore the Queens, brthy.jpgWedding bracelet

She wore her Prada, Wavy cut suede Nero pumps

Kate carried an Alexander McQueen, 1077554_1.jpgHeart Clasp Box Clutch, It retails for $2,075




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