Harry · Kate · William

Service of Hope

On the 5th of April, Kate and William, with Harry attended a service of hope in C8pPVvfXYAA4Y-f.jpgWestminster Abbey. The service followed after the Westminster Attacks, which killed 5 including PC Keith Palmer and injured around fifty people. The week before, William laid a wreath for Palmer and again,C8pPpfdWAAENbg8.jpg William placed a wrath outside the abbey before the service. William delivered aC8pU2ENXsAATom2.jpg reading from Luke 10:29-37C8pU2ENXsAATom2.jpg – the Parable of the Good Samaritan. After the service,C8prETLXkAAwN2h.jpg All three met with first respondersC8prDVyXYAAhSo0.jpg.

Kate wore her Missoni coat,snake stitch coat missoni The Long snake Stitch coat.

Kate wore her Sylvia Fletcher, Salsa Fascinatorduchess of cambridge service of hope (2) and The Queen’s diamond and pearl earrings.

Kate carried a new clutch, The Beulah London-Aspinal, The Blue Heart Clutch – Black Croc,70af75fc2ea623d2388d8fcd7e8c33bf994c3c9d-600x901 It retails for £275

Kate wore her Black Givanito Rossi, suede pumps




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