Harry · Kate · William

Heads Together

On the 18th of April, William attended a screening of the documentary “Mind Over Marathon, which will be shown on BBC One on the 20th of April at 9pm. The screening which took place in the BBC Broadcasting House in London,C9r4s63XUAQaZ32.jpg attended by runners who feature in the programme.

On the 19th of April 2017, Kate hosted the heads together runners C9yLXfoXcAMqz6V.jpgin Kensington Palace.  All runners in the marathon received a heads together headband, but Kate C9yRgKpXgAA7Y1K.jpghelped give one of the 70 post-boxes a headband.  The choristers from St. Pauls Cathedral also donned their headbandsC9yTSnHXoAAMvet.jpg, along with the royals wax worksC9yTSpuXkAAvq9p.jpg at Madame Tussauds.

What Kate Wore

Kate wore a new Luisa Spagnoli piece, The Muvi pullover, Kate-Pre-Marathon-Kensington-Palace-Heads-Together-Striped-Spagnoli-Top-April-19-2017-Pool-IMages-.jpgIt retails for £169

She wore her Superga,_13081075 Cotu Classic Shoes

Kate wore her Kiki, Citrine Pear Drop citrine_drops_1_1Earrings






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