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May Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace

On the 13th of May 2017, Kate and William, with Harry, hosted a children’s garden Party at Buckingham Palace, called Party at the Palace. C40HqtxWQAQ-c2V.jpgChildren attending the party, had lost a parent serving in the armed forces. Included in the Invitation was a handwritten letter C9YF7OJXkAEo--9.jpgfrom Prince Harry and C9YGFPuWsAA1NpO.jpgTrain Tickets. On the day, the trio took part in many C_t_AZlXYAAHl9h.jpgof the events happening, which includedC_uCNRGXgAA-eOM.jpg water balloons.  They had a chance to meetC_t_Ac7XYAAtSvh.jpg with some of the children attending. Finally the Royal Air Force landed on the gardens C_uUhKZXoAEda0s.jpgat Buckingham Palace.

What Kate Wore

Kate wore her 755948_in_ppSee by Chloe dress

She wore her Monsoon,flr Fleur Wedges

On the 16th of May 2017, Kate and William joined the Queen and Prince Philip, for the first of the garden parties in Buckingham Palace.C_9TmfjU0AEhnPU.jpg Other members of the Royal Family attending were Princess Anne, Prince Edward , Princess Beatrice and the Duke of York.  8,000 people attended the garden party,C_9Uo8lVoAEn9d1.jpg where some were singled out to met with members of the Royal Family. Over 30,000 people will attend the 3 bucking am palace garden parties C_9lFRtVwAAoy5uand one holyrood House. Guests at the garden party enjoyed eating cakes C_9pIczUMAU_CgT.jpgand sandwiches and drinking tea.

What Kate Wore

Kate wore her Christopher KaneGarden party at Buckingham Palace suit

She wore her Lock & co hat, Kate-Lock-Sweet-Delight-Hat-May-16-2017-Garden-Party-with-Christopher-Kane-icy-blue-coat-product-shot-Pool-i-Images.jpgThe Sweet Delight

Kate wore her Givanito Rossi Shoes in praline and her new Kiki all_bt_cushionBlue Topaz and Diamond earrings.


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