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Poland and Germany Tour: Day One

On the 17th of July 2017, Kate and William, along with George and Charlotte started their tour of Poland and Germany by landing in Warsaw, Poland. The Cambridge’s disembarked their plane, to greet the diplomats waiting for them in the cloudy and slight rainy weather. belweder_1_t_nowak_All four were taking to Belvedere Palace, where a playroomDE2vDYdXoAECshj.jpg and outdoor toys DE2vDyhXgAAWALnhad been set up. Kate and William were then taken to the Presidential Palace, to meet the President Duba and First lady,DE77nCFXcAANMfv.jpg here they were formally welcomed to Poland. After this, Kate and William undertook a walkabout and then made their way to Warsaw Rising Museum, DE8hyzLXoAAlm5Swhich was set up to remember the 1944 attempt were the Polish resistance Home Army tried to liberate Warsaw. Here they met members of the Polish army and DE8hyzmXUAAdJf-resistance and heard stories of what happened.  They then moved to the 38th floor of the SpireDE82H4pW0AAWPqu building in Warsaw, where they meet some young Polish entrepreneurs.  Kate found it funny when William was offered to try onDE83l-vXoAEn5xE.jpg a pair of virtual reality glasses.

What They Wore


Kate wore an Alexander McQueen Piece, 6.pngThe Wool and silk-blend twill peplum coat, Which retails for $3076

She carried her Jenny Packham Casa Clutch,7.jpg First seen on the Canada tour in 2016

Kate wore her  Gianvito Rossi, Pumps in Praline


He wore a shirt from elcorteingles, 1.pngThe Chemise garçon Tizzas à carreaux bicolore, which reatilled for €35.95


charlotte wore her Amaia Kids red bow and her Condor Pain Sock with Detail Cuff

She wore a pair of uncle Harrys shoes from 1986

Queen’s Birthday Party

On the 17th of July 2017, Kate and William attended a Birthday Party for the Queen in Warsaw,DE9f29GWsAA3eCU.jpg which was hosted by the ambassador. As always William gave a speech, with a message from the Queen and speaking polish. DE9mXqVXcAAxzTFKate and William had time to mix with the guests

What Kate Wore

Kate wore a dress from Polish designer Gosia Baczynska,7.png a custom made cocktail dress.

She carried herblack prada clutch Prada Black Clutch

Kate wore her Gianvito Rossi Kate-Paris-Reception-Heels-Black-Tie-Rossi-Gianvito-DOrsay-Suede-March-17-2017Suede Ankle Strap d’Orsay heels





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