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Belgium: Passchendaele 100

On the 30th of July 2017, Kate and William travelled to Belgium to mark the 100 anniversary of Passchendaele. DGALC5pXoAAEy4C.jpgThe events started at the Menin Gate at 8 o’clock, where every night the last post ceremony takes place. Over 200 descendants who have ancestors named on the gate joined to watch the ceremony. Before laying his wreath with the King of BelgiumDGAgLZBXoAARe7r.jpg, William gave a short address. At the end of the ceremony, 54000 poppies fell from the roof, DGAh44IXsAEOYzE.jpgto remember all those who died. After this Kate and WilliamDGAiJs-WsAAqvCm.jpg got to meet and talk with some of the descendants.

What Kate Wore

Kate wore her Alexander McQueen coat dress, worn first for Charlotte’s Christening

Her hat was first seen at marisabel_coffee_1trooping the colour in 2015

She wore herbalenciaga-pearl-earrings-e1465658210552-300x300 Balenciaga Earrings

She carried her Anna Grand-Clement clutch, cseen in Berlin a week ago.

On the 31st of July 2017, Kate and William started their day visting Bedford House, Where DGDlV04W0AEHTBy.jpgthey were given a tour and listened to stories been told by interns. They then joined Prince Charles, to visit the Tyne Cot Cemetery.DGDzDrEWsAASpgG.jpg Here the met with Sir timothy Lawrence DGD5k4lXkAEgDK-.jpgand the King and Queen of Belgium. During the ceremony, While William read A Soldier of The Great War Known Unto God,DGECKEoXgAE98_P Kate lay a posy.

What Kate Wore

Kate wore Catherine Walker,Melrose-Coatdress-1 Melrose Coat

Kate wore her Jane Taylor fleur style hat, h.pngbut with new design.

Kate borrowed a brooch from theb.png Queens collection

Kensington Palace also announced that Catherine Quinn, will become Kate’s private secretary from Octobers on. w.pngCatherine replace Rebecca Deacon, who several months ago announced she would be stepping down after 10 years of service to the royal family.


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