Williams Football and Cars day

On the 12th of September 2017, William attended several visits, these were starts to his full time royal working calendar having giving up work in June. DJhCobwXUAAWNHIHis first visit was to Sporting Chance Clinic in Hampshire. This was as part of his presidency with the Football Association. Here William heard about how the clinic is helping in cases of non-recent sexual abuse in football. The clinic was started by Tony Adams, to provide addiction therapy to footballers. Back to what William was there for, because of the clinics work with the FA, DJhQGkpXgAEMnj0.jpgthey now have a national network of therapists. After hearing from the charity, William then heard stories from survivor’s, DJhUPQ_XoAAwdZU.jpgabout how the charity is helping them.  After the visit to the Clinic, William visited McLaren Technology and Production Centres, Here he met with the team behind the company. DJhh8DAXUAAfUuT.jpgHe was shown the new models by the designer. DJhm6oaW4AAi9RT.jpgHe was then shown F1 cars from years gone by.DJhyQe9WAAAw9Ge He met with apprentices and got to put a McLaren badge on a new 720S.


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