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Pride of Britain Awards & Tennis for Kate

On the 30th of October 2017, William attended the Pride of Britain Awards.  DNaZXimX0AEQDj1.jpgWilliam was here to present awards to the emergency Services and two Special Recognition Awards.  Previous years, Williams father, Prince Charles attended these awards.  Before the awards, William met with some of the winners, includingDNaZXikW0AI9hqf a four year old girl. Who called knew to call 999 in time of need. When William heard her story, he decided to tell George about the emergency services and who to call if he ever needed to. William then presented an award to tDNaubeVW4AI4nkvhe Grenfell Firefighters with the Emergency Services Award to recognise their bravery. Finally William presented a recognition award to Manchester medics and was joined on stage by some victims of the terror attack.  The full awards will be broadcast on TV on the 7th of November on ITV.

#on the 31st of October 2017, Kate attendDNdkbfyXkAAd-Nsed her first solo engagement since the news of her third pregnancy back in September.  Taking over from the Queen as patron of Lawn Tennis Association, she visited the National Tennis Centre, to find out more abut their work.  The association goal is to get ore people playing tennis. Kate first joined children on court one, DNdrPvYW0AEEZXHto see their training. Then she joined in with some of the children, to see how Tennis for kids is helping them and also to get tips on how to get George playing tennis properly, not just wanting to whack the ball.  Kate then met with Paralympic medallist, Alfie Hewett. DNdurrWXkAAro4KWhere she was given a demonstration on his wheelchair tennis skills. Next Kate was given a talk onDNdy8j5XkAAmQps what it takes to become the next tennis champion.  DNd1BQjXcAATRvg

What Kate wore

Kate wore the PlayBrave Sports, Clarice Track Jacket,Jacket which retails for £129

She wore the Tuxedo Track Pants monreal-london-multi-side-panel-track-pants-multicolor-product-0-858473173-normal-wpcf_375x500from Montreal

She wore a pair of new Shoes from Nike, The Nike Air VaporMax Flyknite nike vapormax

Kate wore her Kiki Grace earrings



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