Kate · William

Day in Coventry

On the 16th of January 2018, Kate and William visited Coventry for a day of engagements.  They took the train from London to Coventry. From the station, They drove to Coventry Cathedral, DTqalrWX0AAGNlT.jpghere they started their day off with a walkabout, to greet the many crowds of people, who came out to see them. At the top of the crowds, Kate and William were given a tour of the ruins. DTqhoEoWkAAXz8n.jpgDuring WWII, a Luftwaffe bomb was dropped on Coventry, destroying the city. in 1962, The Queen visited the site of the newly completed Coventry Cathedral, where on that day it was consecrated. DTqlUAvW0AAlbx6Next they visited the Rising Café in the Cathedral. This café provides work to people overcoming alcohol and drug addictions. Next Kate and William left the cathedral and visited Coventry University. DTqtVW_W4AAsc5b.jpgThey toured the new Science and health building, meeting students and seeing their work before officially opening the building. Lastly on Kate and Williams day in Coventry, DTrBpgNXUAEzQEP.jpgThey visited Positive Youth Foundation. This foundation works with children who find themselves in difficult situations.

What Kate Wore

Kate wore her Mulberry coat, The Double Breasted coat, cwhich she debut in 2014 while pregnant with Charlotte.

She wore her tods, Suede Pumps

She wore her Beatrice Gloves and carried her 5862452_orig Mulberry clutch

She wore her Kiki, The Morganite and Diamond Cushion Dropmorganite_yg_1 Earrings


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