Kate · William

Kate and William speak on Mental Health Issues

On the 23rd of January, William started his day off with a speech. DUOCXpOWAAEb5kV.jpgHe delivered the Keynote speech at the Charity Commission Annual Public Meeting, which was held in the Royal Institution.  Some of his speech included:

Thank you all for inviting me to address you today at your annual meeting. I am especially pleased to do so as supporting charities, and getting behind causes which are charitable in nature, are at the heart of what I – and the whole Royal Family – do

Some of my earliest memories relate to times that my parents spoke to me or – even better – showed me what it meant to have both privilege and responsibilities

I remember being taken by my mother to a homelessness shelter at a young age, her explaining to me why the people I met there matter, why no society can be healthy unless we take other people seriously

As a young child, I recall evening after evening my father’s diligence and compassion as he applied himself to answering thousands of letters and reading endless reports in order to stay on top of his ambition to do all he could to help the underprivileged

My grandfather Prince Philip has been one of the most tireless public servants of this country, deeply committed to helping young people fulfil their potential.

Kate then launched ‘Mentally Healthy Schools’, which is a program run by their charity Heads Together.  DUOGodSXkAEVCz0This program supports children mental health while at school. This program was launched at Roe Green Junior School.  Inside Kate meet with children under 11DUOMBuPXcAEiLdU.jpg. She then moved to the hall,DUOWiTwXcAAxzWd.jpg where she gave a speech.

What Kate Wore

Kate wore her SportsMax coat, which she debuted when pregnant with Charlotte

She wore a new Seraphine dress. dThe Blue tailored dress, which retails for £99

She wore a Beulah, Elena scarf,s.png which retails for £95


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