The Household & Team


Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton- Jamie-Lowther-Pinkerton-and-his-wife-Tatler-23oct13_pa_b_400x600.jpg

He is a private secretary to Kate and William. He’s the head of the household. He organises the diary and stays in touch with Buckingham palace, Clarence House and other different associations.  He also arranges everything to do with the press.

His son Billy was one of page boys at Kate and Williams wedding and he is one of George’s godparents.

Miguel Head-untitled.png

He is William’s private secretary. He used to work for the Department of Defence, where he had to maintain contact between the Army and Clarence House. After this he started to work for Prince Charles.

Rebecca (Becca) Deacon-untitled.png

She is Kate’s private secretary. She used to work for Sentebale (Harry’s Charity). She was the assistant producer of the Concert for Diana in


Sir David Manning-tumblr_inline_naijdnPl2o1sfsspm.jpg

Since he was appointed by the Queen in 2006, William and Harry’s counsellor and political and diplomatic mentor. He used to work for Tony Blair (Former prime minster).


Emma Probert-untitled.png

Kate’s personal bodyguard, since Kate announced her engagement in 2010.

Amanda Cook Tucker-untitled.png

Kate’s hairdresser . She has cut William and Harry’s hair since their childhood.

Natasha Archer-untitled.png

She is Kate’s PA

Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo-untitled.png

The most known employee of Kate and William. she is George and Charlotte’s fulltime nanny. She speaks English and Spanish. She started working for the couple in 2014.

Ed Perkins-untitled.png

He is head of the press office in Kensington Palace.  He used to work for Buckingham Palace.